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Want to know what kind of results others have had here? Well, here are a few letters we've received from our members. Our goal is to introduce you to your perfect match. The rest is up to you and chemistry. 

Some of the most interesting people in the world place and answer ads at the Dating-Now Personals.
If you have your own story to tell about a romantic experience or about someone you've met here,
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Note: These letters are reprinted "as is" and have only been modified for brevity or clarity. Names and e-mail addresses are kept confidential. 

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THANK YOU! THANK YOU! for helping me to find the love of my life. I feel I have searched for him.....always. He is everything I could have asked for and so much more. Thank you so very very much! ....I have fallen hopelessly in love with the love of my life.

Thanks again, One and Only!


Thanks very much for your help in finding what I believe to be my mr right......Thanks again it was great.I found the love of my life.


Dear One and Only.....Thank you so much.....because of my ad......and your service....I have met the most incredible man.....
Sincerly thank you.....


Your service is excellent! I got 12 responses the first day and two each day afterwards.You've gotten the word out so well that I now found a significant other.....Thank you...


I want to take this opportunity to say thank you very much for giving me a new life.Just one week after my Ad was advertised, I have finally found my dream girl. We have a lot in common and our relationship is getting stronger and stronger each day. The good news is that we are going to get married in July this year. Wow...a beginning of a new life for me. Thanks agent of love, you have really made my day. I really love you all. Thanks a lot.
I owe you a lot.
Thank you.


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 I have already met someone very special.Your service is very entertaining, but most of all very rewarding. I am grateful, beyond words for having the opportunity in being a part of it.
Again thank you,


Using your service I have met the man of my dreams. We plan on getting married in the fall. Thank you bringing us togeather.


I met the man of my dreams...and yes, I did meet him through one-and-only. I want to thank you. One-and-Only was truly a blessing to me! We're 1400 miles apart, but through your service, we've managed tomeet and fall in love  .....we'll keep you posted as our definite plans develop. Thanks again! God bless you!


I have no concerns, I have lavish praise. I found the man of my dreams on your service and I thought that I would write to you and tell you this. Dave and I are blissfully happy and I wouldn't dream of being happier. I still enjoy being on the ads mailing list because I can find people that I can simply correspond with in friendship. I thank you and David thanks you...


I am totally in love with your network...talk about well done! I have refered you to many of my friends and know that the success you will have will be due to the obvious great effort you have put in to making this an exceptional program.... lavished with praise..yet?? good!!


I wanna send you a big THANKS for your service, I could find my perfect love and match with your help, I dont know how, but I found the perfect love and I dont have words to express the great happiness I feel now.


Thanks to you guys I've met the most wonderful lady. She lives half way across the world, but still we have so much in common that she's coming to NZ to meet me. We are both professional people and are very pleasently surprised by the power of your service. Wedding invitations will follow.


I have met a truly wonderful woman, although she is 6000 miles away, distance will not be a barrier. Thank you, you provide a brilliant service.


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 A few months ago, I placed an ad on your site and started to receive quite a few responses. One fellow in particular caught my eye--in fact, he made quite a point to do so--and we began the process of going from email to phone call to meeting in person. Well, to make a three-and-a-half month story short, we fell in love ...


I just thought I should send you a little note to say "Thanks"! It took kissing a lot of frogs before I found my Prince Charming, but I found him with the help of a premiere ad. It was the best investment I could have ever hoped for. Thanks so much! Without your personals, I would never have met him.
Keep up the great work!
Lots of hugs for the help!


Thanks to you folks I have found a facinating lady through your site. Can not thank you enough! I Would encourage anyone seeking that someone special to use your expertise in getting people together. Thanks again.


Hi! A wonderful man responded to the ad I placed with you! I am going to spend some time with him and hopefully things will go great! Thanks for your service! keep your fingers crossed for me!


I have the most amazing story to tell you. Very shortly after my membership payment was received and approved, my mailbox virtually exploded with replies. Among them was my true and genuine soulmate. We corresponded extremely regularly and that escalated to telephone calls, and only 2-1/2 weeks later we met for the first time and were legally married two days after that in Las Vegas, where my new husband lives and works. It is the most unbelievable story, and we are both thrilled that we found each other through your service.....Thanks again for this most amazing experience!


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