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    married but looking Personal Ads

    Married-woman-personals is a discrete place where YOU can meet single and married people who are open to having a relationship with a married person.

    Tiny Personals - Where good things come in small packages
    Come and meet the nicest short stature people for Friendship, Dating, Matrimony or perhaps even just a discrete affair. Beautiful petite women and short muscular men are waiting online for you now!


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Matchmaking Services

Compatibility 101
You may think the job is done when you find someone you are attracted to. But attractiveness alone does not constitute compatibility!

Boundaries in Cyber Courtship
Did you think anything goes in cyberspace? Perhaps your should re-think the "no holds barred" approach to online socializing.

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Articles from the Network
Male Mating Clue #1: What Do Women Want?
When all is said and done, what have women been watching and waiting and listening for in a man's approach to them . . . since the beginning of time?

Do women answer their email?
Have you responded to some ads and have yet to receive a reply? Why, oh why?

The Sexual Indignation Factor
The perfectly understandable reasons why many single woman act startled and offended when they are approached by an unknown man and why women need to be more grown-up about fielding attention from a man.

The Sexiest Woman in the World
Grace Kelly. Marilyn Monroe. Jean Harlow. Paula Jones. They can't hold a candle to this woman.

Flirting - The Basics
A natural sequence of behavioural steps in a first encounter, which can be mastered by anyone motivated by desire, courage and persistence.

Personal Ad Anxiety
If you think it is somehow unsavoury for unmarried humans to try to make contact with one another, and you are seeking a partner yourself, maybe you should reconsider your judgements. Especially where personal ads are concerned.

The Denial of Desire . . . Folly, Folly, Oh What Folly
If you are telling yourself that a Relationship doesn't matter to you, and thinking that you are better off alone, but you are reading this right now, perhaps you would benefit by reconsidering.

How Do I Bring Up the Subject of . . . duhhhh Sex?
A famous riddle unravelled before your eyes.


Interpersonal Boundaries in Cyber Courtship
The internet has changed the hierarchy of intimate approach by making some interpersonal boundaries much more permeable . . . and temporarily doing away the need to deal with physical ones. The question is: what does this mean for men and women online?


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