Composing a reply


When answering an ad (or an initial Email sent in reply to  your ad)
make sure you say a little about yourself so that it will be interesting and  
encourage people to reply to you. Here's some things to include:

1. Your name or handle (nickname).

2. The City & Country you live in.

3. Your age and gender (Male or Female.

4. Three hobbies or interests you have.

Here's an example from someone we'll call 'Maria'

Hi _________

I was browsing at ' Penpals Plus' and  when I searched through the entries
I found yours, I thought that you seemed interesting so I decided to write.
Let me tell you a little bit about me, my name is Maria and I am a
girl aged 16. I live in Florence, Italy.

The things I like most doing are playing Netball, writing to friends all
round the world and listening to the Spice Girls.

What about you? what do you like to do in your spare time?

I really hope that you will decide to write to me and share some of your
thoughts and tell me some more about your life.

I am sure we can be friends.

Please write back soon, your new friend, Maria.

O.K. so let's go and answer someone's ad........

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