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Pen Friends For Grown Ups

A Penpals plus! adult email pals membership is a great way to make new friends from  all round the world by Email.

Many life-long friendships have started from a pen pal relationship 
and it's a great way to get to know people from across town or across the world.  

Read what one happy member says:

  Just wanted to say thank you for your site. 
  I now have three penpals from three different countries. 
  It is almost fourty years since I last had a penpal, 
  then i was younger and the hands didnt ache when 
  long hand writing was the thing. 
  But now thanks to you and the computer I have the 
  chance to do one of the things that I enjoy, 
  communicating with other people from all walks of life. 
  Once again, a big thank you.
  sincere regards.
  V T

With  members representing just about  every city, country, race and

religion you can think of, there are lots of interesting people waiting to meet you.


Our adult email pals service is designed for friendship, cultural exchange, chatting etc.
Romance is always a possibility if that is what you want -
but it's not our main purpose so we are really not the best place for that.

I am 27 and can only be penpals with other adults.
You must be at least 18 years of age.
The closer you are to my age (27), the better.

Here at PenPals Plus! we are a family oriented site, so any ad that's not suitable for general viewing will not be accepted.

But don't worry, The  Dating Section  takes a more liberal attitude to these matters than we at PenPals do.

 (If you are over 18 years and your main interest is dating or a 
serious relationship, then  the  Dating Section  would be more suitable 
for you and will definitely get you better and faster results than we can!)

Anyway, back to adult email pals.......

You can change or edit your ad whenever you want 
and you can cancel your ad at anytime.

One of the most significant features of Penpals Plus! is that 
we go to great lengths to protect  your privacy. 

We feel this is very important because on many other penpal sites your name and Real Email address are on full and open public display for the whole world (and who knows who?) to see.

We have a 'double blind' mail system which hides your real name and 
email address to protect you from spammers and abusers. 
There is no charge for this,  a basic Pen Pals membership is free.

Sound Good?


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 Emailing a penpal can be fantastically enjoyable, not to mention receiving lots of letters in return. You can likewise make a buddy for life. 01/28/2015 19:18

I wrote a #letter to my #penpals worth sharing #signature powered by #lettrs ,

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OK here's exactly what to do:.

Choose where you want your penpal to be from, exactly how old you want them to be, whether you want a male or female penpal and so on. It's recommended to be flexible on regards to locations and stick to someone just 2 years older or younger than you if you are a children, perhaps even 5 years roughly if you are a grownup.

When you have activated your account, it's time to set up your own profile which other pen buddies can see. Producing your profile in an excellent way plays a necessary role in getting new pen pals. Relying on your details, members will decide to click your profile when they are looking for members and whether to write you a message. Complete the About Me and Hobbies boxes, because without providing this info opportunities are little of getting any feedback, because no one would understand what you are sharing. Submit a minimum of one profile image or individuals will presume that you are not real. Try to be detailed however not too individual within your details.

Communicating as penpals for 66 years - Putnam County Sentinel Tue, 20 Jan 2015 23:13:08 GMT

Putnam County SentinelCommunicating as penpals for 66 yearsPutnam County SentinelThe English teacher, Miss Marie Uhrich, also encouraged the class to get overseas pen pals. Miss Uhrich allowed the students to pick names at random. Helen chose Margare ...

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The majority of penpal websites have lots of search alternatives. You can wait for responses on your profile or you can use the search function on Penpal Global. In the Close friend area you can see personalized made penpal suggestions for you and similarly the random penpals recommendation.

Examine the standards ways to make contact when you discover someone you like. On many web sites you can include penpals as good friends or send them a message or wallposts. Do not get connected to them prior to them writing back to prevent disappointments.

Make your preliminary contact short, light, and friendly. Compose a bit about yourself and why you are writing. Possibly your leisure activities or preferred things to do.

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